Different Types of Breakfasts For Your Guesthouse

Many people start choosing their personal choices of starters for breakfast time. So, as the owner of the guest house, you should be ready to handle the requests of the guests. You should make a prior arrangement of varieties of common breakfasts. Store food such as cereals, muesli, fruits and fruit juices, and yoghurt. Generally, the guest house has homemade products which are made from natural ingredients. If you keep the complete list of starters at breakfast you can easily serve them. They will eat a full diet in the mornings itself. Thus, they will order less quantity of food for the main course. If you have dealt with kids’ diets, you may know, they just need cereals and fruits. 

1. Visitors food requests

The experience of most B&B owners says that generally, visitors go for an English breakfast. If they are on a diet then their food choices differ. A traditional full English breakfast will involve barbecued bacon, sausage, and seared or scrambled eggs. If you have an extra budget then you can add separate food bowls. It can contain mushrooms, tomatoes, seared bread, kidneys, dark pudding, and baked beans. Well, if you have guests who are staying for a longer period then you need to make an interesting menu card. Don’t make your guests bored with the same food routine daily. You may add options like omelettes, smoked haddock, kedgeree, kippers, mackerel, porridge and cream, and fishcakes. Also, you can serve the Arbroath Smokies from Scotland. These food add ons or choices come with an extra expense so use them sparingly. You can offer free eggs, home-prepared bread, and your jams and jelly or honey. Then it will be a genuine delight for guests to your B&B. You can impress the guests by serving homemade bread and hot breakfast rolls. Such kinds of impressions strengthen the relationship with the visitors.

And the guests become long-lasting customers of your b&b hotels. Such impressions are very unrealistic with regards to the other extra work included. You can serve other home-based products like milk, eggs, cream, and fruits if you can offer it for free. Be generous for the sake of increasing your brand value and having a good impression. As there is a limit of how much a single person can eat in a single meal. So, serve your food strategically. Some owners don’t have an opportunity or time to make and preserve jam and marmalade. So they can outsource homemade fresh and organic food from a nearby person in the same locality.

You can join the homemade food groups that can connect you with some food services. If you squeeze orange juices freshly from your guesthouse they that is a good thing. Also, you can list out if you can offer a choice of teas. Two main types of tea are green tea and Indian tea. There is a guest who loves hot quality coffees in the morning breakfast. For serving coffee never go for instant coffees it gives a bad impression. Most guest kids would like to have a glass of hot plain milk. So you need to arrange hot milk for them too. You can keep a thermos jug on the table filling it with hot milk. And, you need to ensure periodically that it stays hot also whether it is full or not. You can have a coffee machine and bread toaster arrangements in the b&b breakfast rooms. So to lower frequent kitchen interference. Also, having such machines will encourage people to order more food varieties. 

2. Maintain B&B hotel hygiene

Margarine is the costly and healthy alternative for butter. There are arguments about whether to arrange butter or margarine or both in the hotels. And the plus side is there is less waste and better cleanliness. On the minus side is that there is a greater expense for each thing. It is complicated for guests to open the butter or margarine sachet. The owner must ensure to cut a half-pound pack of butter into little pats. Then put them on chilled plates on the morning meal room tables. Also, you can serve good quality preserves such as marmalade.

A few hosts require every one of their guests to take breakfast at a fixed time. Fixed serving times make the server’s job easy to serve and maintain cleanliness. But other owners are more adaptable. For such owners, it is not difficult to prepare each morning meal if guests don’t visit all at once. They ask visitors on an earlier night when breakfast is needed for tomorrow morning. And what recipe they will eat for tomorrow. So it helps to lower the food wastage and can help to maintain the hotel hygiene. They have fixed time slots between which visitors can order their breakfasts. Here, visitors have a preference to choose their breakfast time slot. 

It is a smart thought to have tomorrow morning’s breakfast or meal arrangements to be done early at night. Suppose, if you have to cater ambitious people getting planes with business meetings. Then your prior overall kitchen preparedness is of utter importance. You can clean the tables, set out cereals and jam. And the most crucial part is to set up the kitchen, so make a speedy beginning on breakfast the next morning. 

3. Make the hotel rooms more happening

It doesn’t cost anything to layout your own morning paper. And even ordering a selection for the guests to read. On the other hand, you can set up TVs in the lounge area. This will permit visitors to watch breakfast news programs. Many hotel owners have always observed this to be an extremely famous idea. And it is actually worthwhile. The hotels should have their wifi connectivity too. Share wifi details with your guests. As for many guests, their day starts from using an internet facility. As we know due to the advance of technology, many people are on the internet for the whole day. Business owners’ work starts with it and ends with it. So having wifi in the hotel will have a great impression on the visitors.

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